TTS Jump Start Apprentice Work-Ready Programme

At TTS we know that, for many starting an apprenticeship, this will be the first time they have ever had employment, or it could be their first time working in a structured environment.  For many, the unknown of this new world can be cause for worry or concern.

TTS is here to help you settle into your new workplace.  You will have access to our dedicated Careers Development Officer who will be the link between you and your employer.

As well as this, you will take part in a one-week pre-employment ‘Work-Ready’ programme.  We know from experience that your transition from education to the workplace will be much easier if you are well prepared.  Our Jump Start programme will make sure you are ready to start work with your employer by helping you develop the skills and work ethic that your employer will be looking for.

As well as building upon ‘soft skills’ such as teamwork and time management, we will also provide you with awareness and training in various areas of health and safety such as manual handling, fire safety and first aid.  These skills will make you a valuable member of the team from day one.

We also offer our apprentice employers the opportunity to take part in a Workplace Mentoring Programme which means means your employer will also be well prepared to support you throughout your apprenticeship.

This initiative has been funded under the Department for the Economy’s Apprenticeship Challenge Fund

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