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Revolutionising Professional Development: TTS Leads the Charge with All Age Apprenticeships

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April 2024

TTS is now offering fully funded training programmes in the form of All Age Apprenticeships designed to upskill new or existing automotive sector staff.  Existing staff may undertake apprenticeships if there is a clear upskilling opportunity identified in their personal training plan.

In September last year Department for the Economy (DfE) lifted the age restriction for the ApprenticeshipsNI scheme.  Previously apprenticeships were limited to those aged 16 to 24 but now anyone over the mandatory school leaving age is eligible.  All Age Apprenticeships therefore present a new way for automotive employers to nurture the professional development of their workforce whilst gaining financial assistance towards its implementation.

Already TTS has seven apprentices over the age of 24, proving the appetite there is from automotive employers for more flexibility in the apprenticeship scheme.

One employer leading the way in the adoption of All Age Apprenticeships is TrustFord, which has three apprentices over the age of 24 with TTS – Cameron Wright, Conner Friel and Niamh Dunn.

Sinéad Reid, HR Business Partner, N Ireland, Channel Islands and Marketing, at TrustFord commented:

“In line with their ambition to stay ahead in a changing world, TrustFord implemented the all-age apprenticeship programme, offering individuals aged 25 and above a route into TrustFord

By expanding access to opportunities across a range of age groups, demonstrated by the experiences of Conner, Cameron, and Niamh, TrustFord has broadened its talent pool, securing a dynamic and skilled team”.

Conner Friel

Conner Friel explained the benefits of the TTS training style: “The apprenticeship works absolutely perfectly with my work life.  I work from 9 to 5 and then come for a week every 8 weeks to the TTS training academy.”

Cameron Wright

Cameron Wright praised the apprenticeship training effectiveness: “The apprenticeship programme has enhanced my level of skills in all areas and also helped me with my general work ethic.”

Niamh Dunn

Niamh Dunn added her experience as a female apprentice: “Being a female in the industry can be quite hard but at TrustFord and TTS I am treated as an equal and I’m always supported.  I wish I had done an apprenticeship when I was younger, I just never had the confidence to do it. You’re never too old to start again and you’re never too old to change your career path”.

Of All Age Apprenticeships, Stephen Wilkinson Training Director at TTS had this to say:

“Although TTS is best known for its technical apprenticeships such as vehicle technician and body repair programmes, we also deliver a range of programmes to develop talent for all roles across the automotive sector.

Our management and team leading apprenticeships, for example, would be perfect for delivery via All Age Apprenticeships since leadership and management training is typically better suited to more experienced employees.

Likewise, automotive companies could use apprenticeships to re-skill employees from different departments into customer service, parts advisor or service advisor roles using the apprenticeship scheme.  Using these government-funded programmes to provide training allows employees to enhance their role or change career direction.

And one interesting area that has great potential is our vehicle sales apprenticeship.  All age apprenticeships provide a perfect training path for the development of older new or existing employees in this role.”

To find out about any apprenticeship with TTS, please contact Robert Deignan, Careers Development Officer, on 07736958355 or


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