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Chloe Hamilton-Hughes, Apprentice Aftersales Advisor

It’s great to learn my skills whilst getting paid for it.  The knowledge that I learn at TTS, I apply to my everyday working life.

Ben Rutherford, Apprentice Aftersales Advisor

My apprenticeship is preparing me well for the future.  You start at the bottom and everyone at TTS is there to help you get to the top.

Matthew Herron, Light Vehicle Technician Apprentice

The last two years have been really good and I have learned plenty.  For someone new coming into an apprenticeship, they can expect to have good fun learning and to work hard.

Sam McFarland, Light Vehicle Technician Apprentice

Everything we do at TTS is relevant and up to date.  The equipment we use and the practical assessments that we do in TSS is similar to what we do in work so everything is transferable. The tutors are really down to earth and I know I can text them and they will come to work to observe and help me get through my course.

Thomas Wonnacott, Light Vehicle Technician Apprentice

One of the best things about being a TTS apprentice would be that the blocks are well spaced out.  You aren’t in every week so you get that period of hands on learning and then when you come back in a few weeks you’re on to a different topic and you’re learning something new and it’s not repetitive.  I do see myself being a master technician in the future and working around different brands.

Level 3 Light Vehicle Technician Apprentice (2020/21)

Very helpful and always like to see you succeed.

Level 3 Light Vehicle Technician Apprentice (2020/21)

The block release training method works very well as I feel you learn more in a dedicated week than a day release method. It’s a relaxed environment with tutors that fit well with my preference of hands on learning. There is a good range of test rigs and vehicles so that you can get get hands on learning.

Samuel Harron, 2019 Light Vehicle Apprentice

I left school in June 2019 after completing A-levels, but I didn’t particularly want to go on to higher education. I had been racing go-karts since I was 8 and was always interested in cars. I applied for TTS, and after passing their pre-entry aptitude test, Robert Deignan signposted me towards vacancies in the Agnew Group. I’m now more than half way through my 1st year as an apprentice technician in Belfast Audi and I’m loving every minute of it.

Matthew Mount, Apprentice at Wrights Accident Repair Centre

I joined TTS in 2016 and have just completed my apprenticeship in car body repair at Wrights Accident Repair Centre in Dromore. I’ve really enjoyed the experience and have now got IMI Level 2 and 3 qualifications through TTS which will serve me well in my future career. I have secured full-time employment at Wrights and I’ll be happy to stay in the job for many years to come.

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