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Andrew McGahon, Heavy Vehicle Technician Apprentice

It’s a very good way to get into the industry.  You tell TTS what you want to do and how you want to do it and they do it all, tailored to how you like it. Through TTS it was so easy!

John Joe Walsh, Heavy Vehicle Technician Apprentice

The best thing about being a TTS apprentice is the smaller classes so you can be more one-on-one with the teacher.  I love coming here, all the students and teachers are good craic.

Jude Stewart, Heavy Vehicle Technician Apprentice

Doing this apprenticeship is the best thing I’ve ever done.  I thought it was going to be like school but you have a lot more freedom and get treated like an adult.

Sam Hanna, Heavy Vehicle Technician Apprentice

I would recommend my apprenticeship to young people as you are getting paid as you learn.  Most people go to university and come out with big bills but we get paid as we learn so it’s definitely a big bonus. When you use your knowledge to make something work it’s a good feeling.

Matthew Wilson, Heavy Vehicle Technician Apprentice

I really enjoy being a TTS apprentice because you get two months at the workplace and a week at TTS which makes it a lot easier to learn things.  I would really recommend it to anyone who just wants to learn about cars and trucks even if you’ve had no experience like I went in with.

Christopher Magee, Large Goods Vehicle Driver Apprentice 2021

I have just completed a driving apprenticeship and passed my CPC and Class 2 practical test with TTS.  Thank you to all the staff at TTS, especially Geoff and Colin for helping me achieve my qualifications.  I couldn’t recommend them enough!

Level 3 Heavy Vehicle Technician Apprentice (2020/21)

The teachers are very helpful and attentive to your level of learning based on your ability.

Level 3 Heavy Vehicle Technician Apprentice (2020/21)

Always so educational with great banter.  Staff are amazing, people are amazing.  TTS in whole is flat out unbelievable!

Caroline Delaney, Heavy Vehicle Apprentice at Donnelly Group

TTS is really, really good.  Because you’re not in the classroom every single day of the week and it’s broken up with the practical side, that makes a really big difference.  I don’t think there’s a huge amount of places that have the facilities that TTS has to do the practical side of things.

David Fullerton, Apprentice at AIR Commercial Services

I could have gone on to university after completing my A-Levels, but I decided on an apprenticeship and I’m really glad I chose this path. I’m looking forward to a successful career in the industry after completing a Level 3 apprenticeship in heavy vehicle repair

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