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2.5 Day ADR refresher course

If Candidates have previously attended and passed an ADR Initial Course and are in possession of a current ADR Driver Training Card then they can attend a Refresher Course.   An ADR Driver Training Card is valid for five years from the date of issue. This can be extended during the final twelve months of validity for a further period of five years, from the date of expiry, by the holder undertaking and passing the appropriate refresher training and examinations.

To ensure that the examinations can be marked and card issued prior to current expiry date by SQA, the Candidate must have a minimum of six weeks until expiry left on their licence on the last day of the refresher course date.

Candidates for refresher training may only receive training on the modules covered by their existing ADR Driver Training Certificate.

For non-UK ADR Driver Training Certificate holders sitting refresher training, a copy of their current ADR Driver Training Certificate must be submitted to SQA prior to the training course and as early as possible. This is to ensure the correct expiry date and entitlement are transferred to their refreshed ADR Driver Training Certificate. If successful, a refresher candidate will be issued with an ADR Driver Training Card valid for five years from the expiry date of their current certificate.

This course fee only includes the 2.5 days of training.  All required exams also need to be booked.  

Exams are additional and are priced at £20 per module.  There is a minimum of 3 exams (core plus either packages or tanker, or both, plus at least one class module) and maximum of 10 exams.

If you have 9 or 10 exams to refresh we may be able to group these into 5 or 6 exams.  When we receive your booking we will be able to ascertain the most cost-effective way of booking the exams.

Course Dates

12th – 14th April

3rd – 5th May

26th – 28th June

9th – 11th August

6th – 8th September

19th – 21st December

Course Fees

  • Course Fee – £200.00
  • Course VAT – £40.00

TOTAL: £240.00 (excluding exam fees)

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