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Application Form and Baseline Interview

The purpose of this baseline interview is to obtain information from you to allow this to be populated into your Personal Training Plan.

MaleFemalePrefer Not To Say

Light Vehicle Maintenance & Repair (Car)Heavy Vehicle Maintenance & Repair (Lorry)Vehicle BodyworkVehicle Refinishing (Spraying)Vehicle Parts & Aftersales Service AdvisorMotorcycle Maintenance & RepairDriving Goods VehiclesVehicle Fast Fitting (Tyre Technician)

Level 3Level 3 with Level 2 En-route

Please provide details of your previous work experience or employment prior to commencing your apprenticeship

Your Hobbies, Interests and Ambitions

Additional Learning Support Requirements


Learning Styles

Auditory learners do best when instructions to complete a task are spoken. They enjoy taking part in group discussions and listening to lectures.

Visual learners do best when instructions to complete a task are written down or come in the form of diagrams. They enjoy watching demonstrations or instruction videos.

Kinaesthetic learners do best by trying out new skills under the supervision of a mentor. They learn by doing hands-on tasks and enjoy practical activities and assessment.

Apprenticeship Employment Details

Please give us details of your employer for this apprenticeship


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