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TTS Launches New Initiatives to Support Transport Apprentices & Employers

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January 2021

Transport Training Services has launched a range of new programmes and initiatives aimed at supporting current and prospective transport industry apprentices and apprentice employers.

Supported by the Department for the Economy’s ‘Apprenticeship Challenge Fund’ and in conjunction with marketing company, Genie Insights, and workplace training specialist, CB Training Services, the new initiatives are in direct response to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

TTS knows from experience that bringing apprentices into the workplace, whilst vital to the future workforce, can sometimes come with unique challenges.  The experience can be much smoother and more rewarding if both parties are well prepared.  Via a suite of new support programmes, TTS will offer apprentices and employers the opportunity to learn the skills they need to make the partnership successful from day one and will support both in the recruitment and selection process.

The funding that has been made available, has allowed TTS to create opportunities for apprentices that have been made redundant to get back into employment and training, and aims to ensure that the future labour pool is not negatively affected by a short-term downturn in apprentice recruitment.

Structured Support Programmes

As a long-time supplier of apprenticeship training for employers in Northern Ireland, TTS recognises the challenges faced by employers in both the recruitment process and in managing and supporting apprentices.  In response to these challenges, TTS can now offer further, structured and practical support for apprentice employers, including an apprenticeship brokerage service and a workplace mentoring programme.

Apprenticeship Brokerage Service

While some employers have the means to source their own apprentices, TTS understands that it’s not always easy for others due to expertise, time or resource limitations.  For those apprentice employers that need support in the recruitment and assessment process, TTS offers an apprenticeship brokerage service that matches pre-assessed apprenticeship applicants to live vacancies.

Workplace Mentoring Programme

TTS has introduced a Workplace Mentoring Programme which has been specially designed to develop workshop supervisors/journeymen in the management skills required to support apprentices from the start to the end of his/her apprenticeship framework.  This is intended to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible for both the apprentice and the employer.

Support for Apprentices

A range of complementary schemes will also support apprentices to secure and maintain apprenticeship employment.  A new Jump Start ‘work-ready’ programme will require all new apprentices to complete a pre-employment course.  For many starting an apprenticeship, this will be the first time they have ever had employment, or it could be their first time working in a structured environment, so this new initiative will make sure each apprentice has the skills and work ethic that employers desire.

Car to Commercial Conversion Course

A brand new car to commercial conversion course will also provide training to those whose employment has been affected by Covid-19 and the economic downturn.  This short conversion programme will give those with light vehicle repair and maintenance experience the opportunity to upskill to heavy vehicle maintenance including pneumatic brakes, 24-volt electrical systems, heavy diesel engines and roadside recovery safety.

Women in Wheels

A final aspect of the apprenticeship challenge fund is to redress the gender imbalance in the automotive and transport sectors.  Over the coming months, TTS will be specifically promoting these industries with diversity in mind in a bid to encourage more apprenticeship applications from females.  A number of female-oriented events are planned and a range of promotional activities have commenced.  A group of inspiring and dedicated females who are either existing apprentices or are experienced women working in a range of roles across the sectors have been identified as female ambassadors. TTS has also launched a Facebook group called ‘Women in Wheels NI’ to give females who work in, or who may be interested in a career in automotive, transport or logistics in Northern Ireland to meet and engage with other like-minded females.

To find out more about any of these new schemes or to enquire about apprentices for your business, please contact Robert Deignan at or on 07736 958355.

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