Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA) Consultancy - Transport Training

Our DGSA specialists can provide specialised dangerous goods advice to help operators meet their legal requirements

Whilst taking precautions and preventative measures when transporting dangerous goods is simply good business, most companies that handle, process or transport dangerous goods on a regular basis also must employ a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA) or use the services of a third-party consultant by law.

TTS has qualified DGSA experts ready to help you understand the legislative requirements and adopt safe and responsible practices.

Having a DGSA is a legal requirement for companies involved in the movement of dangerous goods, including consignees, consignors, carriers, loaders, fillers, packers, freight forwarders or shipping agents.  Whilst many organisations employ someone in-house to perform the role of a DGSA, the law allows companies to employ a qualified external third party where having an in-house resource is not practical or affordable.

Our DGSA specialists, with their wide range of industry and regulatory experience, are equipped to provide highly specialised dangerous goods advice and are equipped to deliver training to meet our customers’ legal requirements.

Whether as a full or part-time service, a DGSA expert from TTS can:

  • Conduct audits to determine current compliance against the modal requirements of ADR (Road), IMDG (Sea), IATA (Air), RID (Rail) as well as domestic regulations.
  • Conduct the required annual audit, including a comprehensive report that details levels of compliance and recommendations for improvement.
  • Issue a formal letter of appointment along with a copy of the DGSA certificate to support your records.
  • Assist with investigating and reporting any incident as required under ADR Chapter 1.8.5.
  • Provide guidance on any matter concerning road transport of dangerous goods. This service can be delivered remotely or on-site.
  • Advise about employee training required to meet all legal requirements.
  • Deliver general awareness, functional specific and security training to employees and staff to meet legal requirements.

Course Fees

  • Audit – £458.33
  • Audit VAT – £91.67
  • Annual DGSA Services – £416.67
  • Annual DGSA Services VAT – £83.33

TOTAL: £1,050.00

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