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Driver CPC (DCPC) or Driver Certificate of Professional Competence training is a legal requirement for all professional drivers.  All qualifying drivers must complete 35 hours of CPC training within a five-year period, before their driver qualification card renewal date, for as long as they wish to continue to drive professionally.

TTS is approved by the Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training (JAUPT) to deliver Driver CPC training.

It is now recommended that the required five days of Driver CPC training is spread over the five year period, with 7 hours being completed per year to keep up-to-date.  This is where you will find individual modules – each one being 7 hours.

Please note: Drivers are no longer permitted to complete the same Driver training module more than once in any five year period.  You must make sure that your training covers a range of subjects.

You can only take the same course more than once in each 5-year period if you have a good reason to repeat it – for example, maintaining a dangerous goods qualification.

 If you do not have a good reason, DVSA can cancel the hours you got from the course. You might lose your Driver CPC card if cancelling the hours takes your total back under 35 hours.

If it is your first Driver CPC card or your card has completely expired, you can complete five consecutive days of training, please click here.

Course Fees

  • Course Fee – £38.54
  • Course VAT – £7.71
  • Registration fee – £8.75

TOTAL: £55.00

Modules Available

First Aid and Personal Health and Safety

Professional LGV/PCV Driver – Core Skill

Emergency Procedures for LIDDs

Drivers Hours and Tachographs

Health and Safety for Commercial Drivers

Online and in-centre courses available.


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